2012 Chocolate Tour Questions


Why Chocolate?

Chocolate is the elixir of life. It was only for those of royal blood in the ancient times of the Mayas. It was part of gaining immortality to drink of the cacao. This years tours celebrates that with Choclatier, Concertos in Chocolate's original creations showcasing Grandpa Bredo's immortality via Re-animation in a chocolate bar. We are also using this opportunity to spread awareness of the world wide chocolate shortage caused by Cacao Tree demise. Here's some history on chocolate and another link to see what can be done to raise cacao sustainably.

What is Re-animation?

Re-animation is the final process in Cryonic preservation. The client is thawed and Re-animated. It also refered to the fact that the Tours were De-animated for several years but are now back, hopefully on a permanent basis.

What do you see?

A beautiful ride up the mountain, overlooking the Town of Nederland and Gross Reservoir.

A guided tour of the Facility, including the bomb proof, earthquake proof, fire proof, and quite formidible International Cryonics Institute.

A visit to the Cryonic Holding Shed to visit with Grandpa Bredo himself.

...and informational displays and souvenirs available for sale after the tour lecture, inside the Institute....

Cryonic Commerative Coins

Certified and Numbered Original Shed Pieces

Autographed Photos of Grandpa

"Chronicles of the Iceman" book signings

...and, of course, Chocolate!! Custom crafted specialty chocolate souvenirs, suitable for eating or archiving!!

(10% of all sales will be donated to Cacao Sustainability Project.)

How long does it take?

About an hour, depending on weather.

When are the Tours?

Friday at 4 and 6pm

Saturday at 10AM and 2, 4PM

VIP Tour 6PM

Sunday at 10AM and 1, 3PM

VIP Tour 4:30PM

Tours are limited to 15 seats with reserved seating only.

Then there's the Friday Midnight Champagne tour.... a unique and spontaneous event!

Where do the tours start?

From the train cars in the center of Ned at the Shopping Center. Shuttle transportation to the Institute will be provided.

Midnight tour departs from Grandpa's Blue Ball on Friday around Midnight. You have to find the Iceman and pay his price if you want to go. Waivers are required....children are discouraged.

How much are the tours?

$30 for Pre-registered, $35 at the door if available.

Midnight Tour has special pricing...it's whatever you think the Iceman will take to transport you. He's been known to do it for as little as a kiss...or as much as a bottle of Old Grandad Very Special Reserve. Bribes have been known to work, too.

All Tours Include Special Souvenir Chocolate Treat!

Where can I get more information and Pre-register?

Contact the Iceman at the IC Institute for info.