Opening Ceremony

FDGDaze 2007

<---That's the sculptor, Karen, on the left. The Mayor is on the lower level, next to the banner.At the beginning, there were four dry ice fog making containers shooting out volumes of fog. I never got to see it, as I was the one making it happen (An Iceman's job is never done....), but although intense, the effect was short lasted due to the fact that the dry ice froze the water in a shell around itself and then there was no contact with water to make vapor fog. Bummer. But, I heard from the audience that the initial effect was quite impressive. Generating fog with dry ice and water is a bit tricky. Later, at Grandpa's Blue Ball, we did a better job!





The pushy Penguins were a jolly lot....popping up all over the roundabout. Pretty soon, the Skeletons were out dancing in the street, too.

The Skeleton Dancers were pretty scary, but the feather boas made some of them quite cute....for a dead guy.

Some seem to be flashing secret hand signs....

It's not often that the center of Ned gets closed down and people party in the streets. Though it only lasted a short while, it was real and it was fun.

The Roundabout looked a lot different 10 hours later, after the Ball...but that's another story.

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