Grandpa's Blue Ball

The Ball was an outstanding success! The Band was a Bluegrass-Jazz Band that had a hot Fiddle player......Runaway Truck Ramp.

Everyone had a great time and danced til the wee hours, some in tux and tails, some in blue jeans...some in both. Some even had Purple Hair.....Yowza!!!

A lot of people just stood and watched.....either the fountain, spewing dry ice induced clouds of vapor, or just the dancers, having tons of fun! I was even inspired to play a little harmonica for a local fan who was somewhat surprised that the Iceman could blow such a cool harp!

Everything wound down around 1:30 in the morning and by 2 AM they started pushing people out the door.......

After being all wound up for a while, I was not in any mood to call it a night. But what to do in Nederland at that hour??

Strains of Zevon's "Things to do in Denver when you're Dead" started to waft through my I drove around and around.

I was surprised to finally find some action at the Ice Sculpture Tent.......