The Making of a Dead Guy!


Here's the World famous Belgian Actor, Herbert and his lovely makeup assistant, Malin. They spent over two hours trying to achieve the proper Frozen Dead Guy look. This is the middle of the process, after the base and dead "color" has been put on.




Here's Herbert, getting into character..... practricing his very best Clay Evans Grandpa. "Unhhh...unhhhh. Arghhhhh!"

The hair was a masterpiece. Gelled, coiffed and sprayed, it looked like it just came out of a snow bank. You can also see the underlying color used on the face to give it that dead pan look.

The bits of "ice" are actually finely crushed styrofoam.



Here, you can see the fine detail that went into this production. the icicles are actually cellophane tape and a liquid gel that congeals upon exposure to air. Note the attention to detail with the frostbitten ear....




Here, Malin is throwing some more "ice cryatals" on herbert.


He's about to finish up and put on his sport Coat to complete the image of the Frozen Dead Guy come to Party.


Needless to say, Herbert blew them away at the Grandpa look alike contest.

He won First Prize, Hands down. He was definately the Best Belgian, that night.

On to Grandpa's Blue Ball.....