FDGDaze 2007


The weather was not bad for the parade.....


There was even accompanying music to be heard from the drum group who popped up all over throughout the day.

There were about 24 teams for the Coffin Races, and the more political and vocal ones were also in the Parade. About half were politically inclined.

The Oil Cowboys and the Arab Oil Sheiks carrying a mini-Rummy on an A-Bomb....

Now, that's funny!


Team America (the eventual winner of the 2007 Coffin Races) with their "Mission Accomplished" theme was both Politically Incorrect and a real hoot! Congrats to Team America!

The cows were udderly amazing, although I think they were carrying a Bar-B-Q.....

Others were just downright bizarre. Some of the players really get into their roles. Fabio and the Flasher with Poison Ivy and Jack Bauer......

There's a combo you just don't see every day.


And, of course, what Dead Guy Parade would be complete without the Fat Dead Elvis's.....??

This team is a reprise of 2006 FDGD Coffin Race winners, the Manitou-tus. (Last year they were all in pink ballet tu-tus...you could see them a mile away) They are from Manitou Springs and each year they represent their town in the Nederland vs Manitou Springs rival Coffin Races. Theirs is in the Fall and they always specially invite the Ned Team. Last Year they won both....this year they're 0-1. Lets shoot for 0-2!!

Did you ever think, when the hearse goes by.... that sooner or later you're going to die?

The end of the Parade had Ozzie chasing the Babes.....all from the SS.

(That's SS as in Secret Society...SSRP to be exact.)

In fact, a funny thing happened on the way to the Coffin Races. Lying in the middle of the road was a piece of red cloth. When I picked it up, I saw it was an Armband from the Bat Hearse People. Later that day, I saw them in town and when I went to give it back to them, we got to talking about the Secret Society. After a little chat we found out we're all on the same page, so they agreed to make grandpa an honorary member of the Society. They gave us the armband to hang in the Shed. All /hail the SSRP!

After the Parade, it was time for the Polar Plunge!

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